Wooden articular church in Kežmarok

Location on map - Wooden articular church in Kežmarok
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
District: Kežmarok
City / Municipality: Kežmarok
Tourist location: Spiš
National cultural Monument
World Heritage: UNESCO Cultural Heritage
Wooden articular church in Kežmarok
Evangelical wooden articular church of the Most Holy Trinity in Kežmarok was built in 1717. There are fascinating interiors and exceptional wall paintings as well as wood carvings in the church. It is considered to be the most beautiful of the last 5 remaining articular churches in Slovakia.

The architect of the church was Juraj Müttermann from city Poprad in Slovakia.  They did not use any metal material during building, they did not use any metal nails, exclusively wooden. Originally, it was widthout masonry foundation. The basics were made of wood, but they were replaced with bricks at the last repair. The beams are made of red spruce. The only stone part of the church is the sacristy.

With its width of 30,31 m, length of 34,68 m, and height of 20,60 m, it together with 6 side choirs it can serve more than 1500 worshipers, which is quite an achievement for a wooden church. Ceiling paintings started in 1717 and continued for several decades.