Kežmarok castle

Location on map - Kežmarok castle
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
District: Kežmarok
City / Municipality: Kežmarok
Tourist location: Spiš
Kežmarok castle - Kežmarok - Slovakia
The castle belongs to the castles called "town castles". It was built directly on the territory of the city of Kezmarok, in order to guard the city against enemies. The building of castle is connected with family of Zapolsky. The first written reference about the castle is from 1463. In 1528 it became the property of the family Lasky. The last owner of the castle  was Ferdinand Rueber, who the city of Kežmarok bought the castle from in year 1702.   

The original gothic fortress was re-build  by the family Thököly to  plush residence. The Thököly family  built in 1657-1658  a baroque chapel in the castle. They built the building of stable in the same century.

After passing into the ownership of the city, the castle was used for various purposes: the grainery, barracks.. and several times it burned down. In the  2nd half of 19th century appeared the efforts to use the castle for museum purposes, but the museum was opened in 1931 after partial repair of the main tower.

In years 1962-1985 has been carried out a general overhaul of the Castle. At this time the whole castle area serves for the exposure of the local Museum (excluding basements), documenting the evolution of the city from its beginning until the thirties of 20th century.