Rocky Mountain Lake (Skalnaté pleso)

Rocky Mountain Lake (Skalnaté pleso) is a moraine mountain lake in the High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry) in Slovakia. It has an area of 1,23 ha, depth max. 2 m and has altitude 1 754 m. above sea level. Near is astronomical and meteorological observatory founded in year 1943.

Rocky Mountain Lake is accessible from tourist centre Tatranska Lomnica - by cable car or foot hike. Near the lake is station of cable car to one of the highest peaks in High Tatras - Lomnický peak (Lomický Štít) - 2 634 m. a.s.l. You can get also to Lomnické saddle (Lomnické sedlo) - 2189 m. a.s.l. -  by cable car or by hike from Rocky Mountain Lake. You can also make a hiking tour further to the central and eastern part of  Tatras.