Štrbské mountain lake (Štrbské pleso)

Štrbské pleso is the most famous mountain lake in High Tatras moutains in Slovakia. It is situated at altitude of 1 346 m. above sea level. The name is derived from the village Štrba in High Tatras. It is a Esker Lake, created by the receding glacier. It It is the second largest water area on the Slovak side of the High Tatras - after the Large Hincovo lake (Veľké Hincovo Pleso) . Štrbské Pleso occupies the area 19,76 ha and reaches max. depth of 20 m.

Štrbské pleso offers the possibility of hiking in the summer season, in winter skiing, cross-country skiing and skialpinism in the beautiful nature. It is the ideal starting point for hiking to the central and also eastern part of the High Tatras. It is possible to get from here in summer season to Skok Waterfall (Vodopád skok) and Lake over Skok Watterfall by hike from Strbske Pleso lake (in about 1,5 - 2 hours) and further to the High Tatra Mountains. It is possible to get also to Popradské pleso lake from here (about 1.5 h) by hike and further on Ostrva Peak (1 984 m.a.s.l).