Evangelical lyceum - lyceum library

Location on map - Evangelical lyceum - lyceum library
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
District: Kežmarok
City / Municipality: Kežmarok
Tourist location: Spiš
National cultural Monument
The first reports of the existence of Kežmarok town schools are from years 1383-1392. There is the assumption that the first type of this school -  parish - there was already a century earlier. There studied and worked in the 16th - 20th century prominent Slovak, German, Hungarian, Serbian and Czech personalities.

Evangelical lyceum is historic Late Baroque building. It was built in the years 1774-1776, today's form acquired after the finishing of the first floor in 1820, and then second floor in the year 1865. It is national cultural monument from 4th december 1981.

There is one of the largest school historic library in Central Europe in lyceum, which began to accrue at the same time with the school. The library has 150 000 volumes of all possible disciplines and languages.

Source: www.kezmarok.sk