Tatras (Tatry)


The Tatra Mountains are located in the north of Slovakia and in the south of Poland. It is a geomorphological unit of the Fatra-Tatra area. In Slovakia, it is located in the Prešov region (in the districts of Poprad, Kežmarok) and in the Žilina region (in the district of Liptovský Mikuláš).


The Tatra Mountains have an area of 786 km2, of which 610 km2 in Slovakia and 176 km2 in Poland.

The highest peak

The highest peak is Gerlach Peak (Gerlachovský štít) 2,655 m.a.s.l., which is also the highest peak in Slovakia. The second highest peak in the Tatras and in Slovakia is Lomnický Peak (Lomnický Štít) 2634 m.a.s.l..

Division of the Tatra Mountains

The name Tatras is often understood as the name of individual mountain units - High Tatras, Low Tatras, Western Tatras, Eastern Tatras, Belianske Tatras, and they are often considered from the point of view of tourism as one mountain range, one unit or their division is understood as High Tatras and Low Tatras.

According to the geomorphological division, the Tatra Mountains have the Eastern Tatras and the Western Tatras sub-units. The Tatra Mountains and the Low Tatras as a whole belong to the Fatra-Tatra area (Alpine-Himalayan system -> Carpathians -> Western Carpathians -> Inner Western Carpathians -> Fatra-Tatra area). Below is an overview according to geomorphological division. You can find more information about geomorphology in the category Slovakia - Geomorphology.

Geomorphology - Tatras

Low Tatras - geomorphological division

According to the geomorphological division, the Low Tatras are a separate whole located to the south of the Tatras.

Geomorphology - Low Tatras