Basic informations

Name of the country: Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
Date of establishment: 1.1.1993 (after the division of Czechoslovakia)
Government: parliamentary democracy
Capital city: Bratislava
Largest city: Bratislava

Continent: Europe (Central Europe)
Area: 49 034 km²
Population:  5 443 120 (31.12.2017)

Member of the European Union since: 1.5.2004

Bordering with countries:
Czech Republic

Borders length total: 1 652,20 km

Borders length with bordering countries:
Czech Republic: 251.8 km
Austria: 106.7 km
Poland: 541,1 km
Ukraine: 97.8 km
Hungary: 654.8 km

Time Zone: CET / SEČ (UTC+1)
Summer time: CEST / SELČ (UTC+2))
Time in Slovakia now and summer time

Official language: Slovak
International code: SVK / SK
International identity plate: SK
Internet domain: .sk

Phone country Code: +421
Currency: EUR