Hrusov cave

Location on map - Hrusov cave
Region: Region Košice
District: Rožňava
City / Municipality: Hrušov
Tourist location: Kosice and surroundings (Abov) / Košice a okolie (Abov)
Mountains:Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras)Icon arrowSilická planina
National natural monument
World Heritage: UNESCO Natural Heritage
Hrusov cave (Hrušovská jaskyňa) - Slovakia
Hrusov cave (Hrušovská jaskyňa) is situated on the eastern foothill of the Silická Plateau (Silická planina) close to the Hrušov village. It was discovered by caveman Róbert Boroš in 1978 and at the same time he first walked through it and partially explored it together with caveman Tomáš Lázár. The spring cave is formed in three developmental levels, having the length of 780 m. Unique are eccentric flowstone forms, helictites, monocrystals and druses of calcite crystals, as well as flowstone shield growing from the floor. There are rapids and waterfalls on the underground stream. The cave has been a national cultural monument since 1996. In 1995, it became part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage (Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst  Cave system Baradla - Domica). The cave is not accessible for the public. Entry into the cave is strictly prohibited.