Location on map - Domica
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
District: Rožňava
City / Municipality: Kečovo
Tourist location: Gemer
Mountains:Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras)Icon ŠípkaSilická planina
National natural monument
World Heritage: UNESCO Natural Heritage
Domica cave in Slovakia
Domica Cave is the largest cave in the Slovak Karst mountain range. It is located in the southern part of the Košice region Košický kraj, in the Rožňava district, on the southern slope of the Silicka Plain (Silická planina). It is included among the caves of world importance, it is part of the natural heritage of UNESCO.

Domica Cave is part of a cave complex that forms a single genetic system with the Baradla cave in Hungary with a total length of about 25 km. The Domica itself is 5,368 m long, of which 930 m is currently open to the public. It was discovered by Ján Majko on October 3, 1926.