Drienovec Cave (Drienovská jaskyňa)

Location on map - Drienovec Cave (Drienovská jaskyňa)
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
District: Košice - okolie
City / Municipality: Drienovec
Tourist location: Kosice and surroundings (Abov) / Košice a okolie (Abov)
Mountains:Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras)Icon ŠípkaJasová planina
National natural monument
World Heritage: UNESCO Natural Heritage
Drienovec Cave (Drienovská jaskyňa) - Slovakia
It is situated on the southern border of the Jasovská Plateau (Jasovská planina), northerly from the Drienovec village in Slovak Karst (Slovenská kras) -  mountain range of Slovak Ore Mountains (Slovenské rudohorie). It is a spring river cave formed in three developmental levels. The underground stream flows through the lower parts of the cave. Cave length is 1,348 m. Remarkable is the occurrence of crystalline gypsum crusts and druses of calcite with crystals as much as 9 to 12 cm big, sporadically also 15 cm. Among the most interesting forms of flowstone fills belong pisolite, coral and dentritic forms, originally made of transparent aragonite and in places of recrystalized calcite. Important shelter for bats. The cave was allegedly discovered in the second half of the 19th century. Archeological discoveries found in the cave, come from the Neolithic (Bukk-Mountain Culture) and Bronze Age (Piliny Culture). The cave is not accessible for the public. Only the entrance area is accessible to tourists.