Natural Sciences Exposition - Šariš museum in Bardejov

Location on map - Natural Sciences Exposition - Šariš museum in Bardejov
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
District: Bardejov
City / Municipality: Bardejov, City part / Municipality part:Bardejov
Tourist location: Šariš
Natural Sciences Exposition - Šariš museum in Bardejov - Slovakia

The nature of northeastern Slovakia and its protection

The display presents characteristic representatives of north-eastern Slovakia's flora, but particularly fauna (orographic units of Čergov, Ondavská vrchovina, Pieniny, Busov, and Ľubovnianska vrchovina).

The display is divided ecologically into biotope units. The visitor can see exhibited animals and plants in an imitated simplified natural environment, similar to the one they live in. More than 1700 exhibits from our nature are complemented by a permanent display of the world exotic fauna, which is divided according to individual zoological areas (represented by exhibits from all over Europe, Northern Asia, Northern Africa, America, China, and Cuba).

The most precious exhibits
Endangered kind of South American condor One of the most precious Slovak snails, Pagodulina pagodula Baby shark from the
Caribbean Reticulated python Collection of prepared American hummingbirds Non-exhibited items from the collection of the Natural
Scientific Section include: one of the biggest collections of great shrikes in the world, prepared azure tit