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City / Municipality: Krásnohorské Podhradie
District: Rožňava
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
Tourist location: Gemer
Mountains: Volovské vrchy (Volovec Mountains)
The Count Dionýz and Frantíška Andrássy Mausoleum is located in the village of Krásnohorské Podhradie. It was built by count Dionýz Andrássy for his wife  and for himself in 1903-1904. It is a unique work of the early 20th century, inspired by early Christian,  Byzantine and Carolingian art. The Mausoleum was built according to the project of Munich architect Richard Berndl, and a team of Munich architects and artists was involved in the construction. There is a 10 ha park around the museum. Andrássy Mausoleum is under administration of Slovak National Museum (SNM) - Betliar Museum, ...

City / Municipality: Medzilaborce
District: Medzilaborce
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Zemplín - Upper Zemplín (Horný Zemplín)
Mountains: Laborec Highlands (Laborecká vrchovina)
Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in city Medzilaborce was founded in the year 1991 as the first one in the world dedicated to the personality of the King of pop-art. Today, the Museum is a specific trans-regional institution of the museum-gallery type, dealing mainly with current tendencies in contemporary art and especially the life and work of Andy Warhol. Conceptually, it maps, presents, and professionally showcases not just the life and works of Andy Warhol, but also current trends in visual arts and culture, the influence of the ethnic origin of the artist on his work, the ...

City / Municipality: Banská Štiavnica
District: Banská Štiavnica
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Hont
Mountains: Štiavnica Mountains (Štiavnické vrchy)
World Heritage: UNESCO Cultural Heritage
The building of Berggericht with a rich history hides a valuable Mineralogical exhibition with more than four hundred minerals from the whole world. A short (75 m) and readily accessible mining tunnel Štôlňa Michal leads to its internal yard. The tunnel Michal is a good option in case of a short stay or families with children. Information centre can be found on the ground floor of the building. In the late 15th century, two stone townhouses used to stand at the place of today’s building placed in the north of Námestie sv. Trojice (Holy Trinity Square). They belonged to rich miners and a ...

City / Municipality: Stará Ľubovňa
District: Stará Ľubovňa
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Spiš, Zamagurie
Mountains: Ľubovnianska vrchovina
Life of burgher in Stara Lubovna and city history draws closer the life of the middle-class in Stara Lubovna. The furniture from 19th century era, antique things many of which are the gifts from old Lubovna offsprings, recently unveiled arch of perfectly saved black kitchen with kitchen utensils, the burgher’s study-room and bedroom as well as old photographs depicting life of Lubovna citizens and views on antique streets will surely bring the visitor back to not such a remote history of the town Stara Lubovna. ...

City / Municipality: Čičmany
District: Žilina
Region: Region Žilina (Žilinský kraj)
Tourist location: Považie - Upper Váh region (Horné Považie)
Mountains: Strážov Mountains (Strážovské vrchy)
Painted wooden houses, folk architecture buildings, are located in the village of Čičmany in the north of Slovakia. The village is located in the Žilina Region, Žilina district. The village is known for its unique folk architecture - painted wooden houses (blockhouses). In Slovakia, in the past, the construction of wooden houses - blockhouses was a typical element of folk architecture. Several buildings of folk architecture in Slovakia are monumentally protected and the village of Vlkolinec in Žilina region has also ...

City / Municipality: Bratislava
District: Bratislava V
Region: Region Bratislava (Bratislavský kraj)
Tourist location: Bratislava and surroundings (Bratislava a okolie)
One of the most romatic modern art museums in Europe - the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum - is located less than 20 km south of Bratislava. It was founded by the Dutch collector and patron of the arts Gerard Meulensteen and the Slovak gallerist Vincent Polakovič. Since its opening in 2000, the museum has arranged numerous exhibitions of leading figures of the Slovak, European and world art scene, including Joan Miró, Karel Appel, Sam Francis, Miroslav Cipár, Markus Prachensky, Ilona Kesserü Ilona, Rudolf Sikora, ...

City / Municipality: Bardejov
District: Bardejov
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Šariš
The Exhibition Hall is located in the seat of the Šariš Museum in city of Bardejov. Regularly changed temporary displays, focused on:   Presentation of various artistic genres of current artists from the region, Slovakia and abroad Artistic, historical, natural scientific and ethnographic displays from the museum's own funds (due to the lack of permanent display rooms, some exhibits are stored in deposits; it is possible to promote them in the public in this form; display of weapons, glass and porcelain, sacral objects, coins and payment means, etc.) Hunting trophies

City / Municipality: Fiľakovo
District: Lučenec
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Novohrad - Poiplie
Mountains: Cerová Highlands (Cerová vrchovina)
Franciscan Father K. König was the first who came with idea to establish the castle museum in 1941. He established the first Castle Commitee as well. The Commitee began to gather money to set up the institution and an entreaty was sent to the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest to make an archeological research of the area. The research started in 1944 under the conductorship of dr. János Kalmár. The world war stopped the process of establishing the museum and the research itself too. The first regional museum of ...

City / Municipality: Bardejov
District: Bardejov
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Šariš
The Exposition of Folk Lore, The Pharmaceutical Exposition and exposition The History of the spa Bardejovske Kupele The Exposition is located in Vila Rákoczi, which was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The National Historical Display presents folk dresses, home production and products of folk craftsmen from Upper Šariš. It provides a vivid picture of the lives of previous generations. Folk dresses are documented there in development stages. Crafts are installed at two levels. They capture the development of crafts and production technology. The biggest attention is paid to ...

City / Municipality: Sobrance
District: Sobrance
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
Tourist location: Zemplín - Lower Zemplín (Dolný Zemplín)
Due to the reconstruction, the Guitar Museum is closed. Guitar Museum is a unique exhibition - one of the few of its kind in the world. The "Guitar king" Janči Ferko from Sobrance in Slovakia has done something exceptional. In small town Sobrance he built a Guitar Museum that maps the complete development and production of electrophonic guitars in former Czechoslovakia after the Second World War. Today, there are 1200 exhibits in the museum. There are 200 guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and period exhibits, accessed ...

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