Eastern Slovak Lowland (Východoslovenská nížina)

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Eastern Slovak Lowland (Východoslovenská nížina) is situated on the South-Eastern Slovakia (south part of East Slovakia), in the territory of the Košice region and part of the lowland extends into the Prešov region. TheEastern Slovak Lowland is the second largest lowland in Slovakia with an area of approximately 4000 km2.

The southern edge forms the border with Hungary, to the East it borders with the Ukraine, in the West it passes into the Slanec Hills (Slanské vrchy) and in the North it borders with the Nízke Beskydy mountains (subwhole Beskydské predhorie) and Vihorlat Mountains (Vihorlatské vrchy).

Eastern Slovak Lowland is an extensive flat area, where the altitude is around 150-200 metres. Only sporadically there rises hills over the plane. There is lowest point in Slovakia - in the municipality Klin nad Bodrogom (94.3 m. a.s.l.).

From a geomorphological point of view Eastern Slovak Lowland as a geomorphological area is part of subprovince Great Danubian Plain (Veľká dunajská kotlina) : Alpine-Himalayan system -> Pannonian Basin -> East Pannonian Basin -> Great Danubian Plain (Veľká dunajská kotlina). It is divided into geomorphological wholes Eastern Slovak Flat (Východoslovenská rovina) and Eastern Slovak Hills (Východoslovenská pahorkatina).

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