Súľov Rocks (Súľovské Skaly)

Súľov Rocks are popular for unpretentious hiking trails, cycling and sport climbing. There is an educational hiking trail that can be walked in about 2 hours. Popular are, e.g., hiking trails from the village Súľov-Hradná to remains of Súľov Castle, to Lietava castle, or to ruins of Hričov castle.

Súľov Rocks are one of the famous areas for sport climbing. The area is protected, so if you want to visit this area for sport climbing, check the areas where climbing is allowed, the period/season and conditions under which climbing can be done.


Súľov Rocks (Súľovské skaly) is a small mountain range in northwestern part of Slovakia, in Region Trenčín (Trenčiansky kraj) - in district Považská Bystrica and in Region Žilina (Žilinský kraj) - in districts Žilina and Bytča. Súľov Rocks are part of Súľov Mountains (Súľovské vrchy).

Highest peak

The highest peak in Súľov Rocks (Súľovské skaly) is Žibrid with a height of 867 m above sea level. m, which is the second highest peak in Súľov Mountains (Súľovské vrchy).

Division of Súľov Rocks (Súľovské skaly)

From a geomorphological point of view Súľov Rocks (Súľovské Skaly) as a geomorphological sub-whole is part of whole Súľov Mountains (Súľovské vrchy). Part of sub-whole Súľov Rocks (Súľovské Skaly) is Súľov basin (Súľovská kotlina). More information can be found in the Division section.