Region Trenčín

Region Trenčín - coat of armsThe capital of the region is city Trenčín, according to the population the eight largest city in Slovakia. Region Trenčín has area 4,501.80 km2. The region borders on Žilina Region in the north-east and east, Banská Bystrica Region in the south-east, Nitra Region in the south, Trnava Region in the south and south-west and Czech Republic in north-west.

Region has broken relief, the south is like a hill, while the north is mountainous. The White Carpathians and Small Carpathians Mountains - a part of well-known Carpathians mountain range – are dominant features of region´s landscape. There are several mountain ranges in the region - a small part of the Little Carpathians in the south-west, White Carpathians in the north-west, Súľov Mountains (Súľovské vrchy)  in the north-west, Maple Mountains in the north, Strážov Mountains in the centre, Považský Inovec in the south, Vtáčnik in the south-east and Žiar in the east. Small parts of Little Fatra and of the Kremnica Mountains also stretch to the region. The Danubian Lowland reaches the region to Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Partizánske city areas.