Vihorlat Museum - Mansion in Humenne - Tourist attractions around up to 50 km

The exhibition area is located almost in the middle of the town of Humenné on a relatively attractive and rugged terrain, which reflects the ... Read more
Wooden church of St. Archangel Gabriel is situated in the Open Air Museum in city Humenné (East Slovakia), which is part of the Vihorlat Museum ... Read more
The mansion in city of  Snina is a classicistic mansion from the end of the 18th century. The mansion was built by Terézia van Dernáth in 1781. ... Read more
Exposure of Museum of the Slovak National Uprising  called Fascist reprisals in eastern Slovakia is situated in the village Tokajík in ... Read more
Due to the reconstruction, the Guitar Museum is closed. Guitar Museum is a unique exhibition - one of the few of its kind in the world. The ... Read more
Wooden Church of the relics of St. Nicholas in Ruská Bystrá built at the beginning of the 18th century has just 2 towers and the shape of its ... Read more
Slovak Opal Mines are the oldest opal mines in the world and the only one in Europe. They are located in Eastern Slovakia in the Slanské Hills ... Read more
Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in city Medzilaborce was founded in the year 1991 as the first one in the world dedicated to the personality of ... Read more
The history of Slanec Castle begins sometime after 1270. Documents from this year, describing the Slanec feudal lands, make no mention of a ... Read more
Wooden Church of Archangel Michael is located in the village Ladomirová in district Svidník in the Prešov region (Prešovský kraj). There are wall ... Read more
The Greek Catholic church of St. Nicholas is part of a unique urban unit on an elevated position in the centre of the village Bodružal. Church is ... Read more
* There is noticed the direct distance (as the crow flies) in km
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