Permanent exhibitions - Vihorlat Museum - Mansion in Humenne

Art-Historical Exposition
The exposition is located in the premises of the Renaissance manor house and offers a view of the housing culture of the nobility from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Part of the exhibition are rooms dedicated to sacral art - Gallery of Monarchs in the room of the Hungarian kings, Ornamental room - which offers a view of the original illusive decoration found during the restoration, Oriental or Chinese room, Dining room, Golden Salon - which is probably the most beautiful room of the manor house, The Empire Salon and other rooms that represent the housing culture of the nobility. In the exhibition you can also see historical weapons, armor, shields and copies, as well as period furniture and accessories.
Natural-Sciences Exhibition
Nature-based exposure is primarily intended to encourage our young people's interest in nature, teach them about the active protection of the natural environment. The exhibits are representatives of animal communities.
Exposition of Folk Architecture and Living - open air museum
The exhibition area is located almost in the middle of the town of Humenné on a relatively attractive and rugged terrain, which reflects the character of Upper Zemplín (Horný Zemplín) region. On an area of about 4 ha you can see 15 objects - blacksmithery, a mill, agricultural huts and domestic houses. Dominant of the open-air museum is a wooden church - the Church of St. Archangel Gabriel which was moved here from village Nová Sedlica. The open-air museum is part of Vihorlat Museum's exhibition.
Exposure of Sacral Art with Chapel of the Virgin Mary
The exhibition was opened on 19 November 2009. The chapel was inherent part of the buildings of the noble settlements since the early Middle Ages to the 20th century. Today's shape and new siting was given to the chapel during the reconstruction of the manor house in 1874, initiated by the last owners -  Andrássy family. The exhibition presents works of art from the 18th and 19th centuries.
Gallery Hall of Orest Dubay
Orest Dubay (August 15, 1919 - October 2, 2005) - graphic designer, illustrator and painter, a prominent personality of the founding generation of Slovak graphic art, whose work, especially graphics, have long been known in Slovakia and abroad, too. Collection fund of gallery department consists of more than 1100 collection objects. Its considerable part is the gift of the national artist Orest Dubay. Visitors are increasingly interested in regular exhibitions of fine arts, through which the gallery's museum department presents mainly works of artists who were born, worked or live in our region.
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