Interesting places and attractions

City / Municipality: Betliar
District: Rožňava
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
Tourist location: Kosice and surroundings (Abov) / Košice a okolie (Abov)
Mountains: Volovské vrchy (Volovec Mountains)
Roman waterfall appertain to the most valuable buildings of the historical park in Betliar Castle. Large English park with an area of over 80 hectares founded aristocrat, freemason, count Leopold Andrássy at the end of 18th century. According to the list of organization ICOMOS it belongs to the most important historical gardens of the world. Roman waterfall designed by Josef Bergmann as part of a unique water system during the second major adjustments park in the 20s of the 19th century. Waterfall in the appearance of ruins of the Roman aqueduct was built in 1823. The uniqueness of this ...

City / Municipality: Banská Štiavnica
District: Banská Štiavnica
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Hont
Mountains: Štiavnica Mountains (Štiavnické vrchy)
Bethlehem in Banska Štiavnica ist the biggest moving betlehem in Slovakia. It shows the evolution, history, and traditions of one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia  - Banska Stiavnica in wood-carving form. The author of  Bethlehem in Banska Štiavnica is Ing. Arch. Peter Chovan (born 1969), a native of a small village near Banská Štiavnica -  Dekýš. The current dimensions of  bethlehem are approx.: length 21 m,  width: 2.5 m, high: 3 m. There are about 800 characters -  and about 400 is moving. Woodcarving is not ...

City / Municipality: Čachtice
District: Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Region: Region Trenčín (Trenčiansky kraj)
Tourist location: Považie - Middle Váh region (Stredné Považie)
Mountains: Little Carpathians (Malé Karpaty)
Mysterious  underground of Čachtice spreads  as the spider´s net under all village of Čachtice. From the original wine cellars inhabitants of Čachtice built  an extensive system of corridors with several floors for protection before Turkish attacks. Several weeks after a lost battle of the Hungarian king with the Turks at Mohács (29. 8. 1526) where also our king Luis II Jagelonsky died, Turkish armies started to plunder today´s Slovakia too. Čachtice inhabitants  did not have  another possibility to hide before Turkish ...

City / Municipality: Podolie
District: Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Region: Region Trenčín (Trenčiansky kraj)
Tourist location: Považie - Middle Váh region (Stredné Považie)
Park of miniatures in Podolie is a unique product of tourism in Slovakia. In the open-air exhibition there are currently 68 models of castles, chateaus, churches, chalets, lookouts and native homes. The aim of the park builders is to save  min. 4-5 objects of cultural heritage per year, made in appearance from the time of their greatest glory. Slovakia has always been rich in castles, chateaus, churches, cultural and historical monuments. Many of them were abolished, or they are in dismal state, few stones in the ...

City / Municipality: Stará Ľubovňa
District: Stará Ľubovňa
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Spiš, Zamagurie
Mountains: Ľubovnianska vrchovina
Medieval military camp under the castle of Stará Ľubovňa is a unique attraction. It offers reflection of military life in the 16th century. It is the ideal place for summer camps, schools in nature, trips and for anyone who wants to survive Middle Ages. It is also the starting point for hiking to a nearby forest park and other hiking trails, in the winter season on the maintained cross-country skiing tracks. Accommodation The medieval army camp offers accommodation in 2 or 6 - bedroom contemporary camps. As the ...

City / Municipality: Šiatorská Bukovinka
District: Lučenec
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Novohrad - Poiplie
Mountains: Cerová Highlands (Cerová vrchovina)
The stone waterfall and the stone sea are unique creations of nature and tourist attraction. They are located in southern Slovakia, near the village of Šiatorská Bukovinka in the Region Banská Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj), near the Šomoška Castle. You can get there through the nature trail from the village of Šiatorská Bukovinka to Šomoška Castle. The stone waterfall was uncovered during the construction of Šomoška Castle (13th century). It is a natural creation that originated about 4 million years ago from the lava of the volcano that solidified beneath the earth's surface. Near the Stone waterfall there is a Stone sea. Stone Sea was created by cuts of basalt pillars. It is interesting, that these basalt ...