Tajchs (artificial water reservoirs) of Banská Štiavnica

Region:Region Banská Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
District:Banská Štiavnica
Tourist location:Hont
Mountains:Štiavnica Mountains (Štiavnické vrchy)
Monument reserve:Banská Štiavnica
Protected Landscape Area:Štiavnické vrchy
World Heritage:UNESCO Cultural Heritage
Included in categories: Tajchs (water reservoirs)
Unesco world heritage
Long ago miners built an incredible water scheme composed of sixty interconnected water reservoirs, supplying energy for prosperous mining. The story of this enormous waterwork is as fascinating as the harmonic placing of tajchs in the nature. Twenty-four of them remained, conjoined with nature.They are available for swimming in nature, boating and fishing, ice skating and romantic walks in winter. Only a 15-minute walk from Holy Trinity Square (Námestie svätej Trojice) separates you from Large Vodárenská (Veľká vodárenská) tajch of turquoise colour . Tajchs are beautiful water reservoirs created by people and harmonically ingrown into the steep hills. Tajchs were the solution of “the first energy crisis” of mining and they saved mining in the whole region. The energy produced by water replaced the horse and man power, which wasn’t sufficient for draining mines. Before tajchs were ... ... Read more
Banská Štiavnica (City)

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