Monuments in Slovakia

Protection of monuments and the monument fund of the Slovak Republic

Monuments Fund is a set of movable and immovable things declared according by Act 49/2002 for national cultural monuments, monument reserves and monument zones. Things for which the procedure for declaring cultural monuments, monument reservations and monument zones have been initiated are also considered to be a monument fund.

The basic law for the protection of monuments is the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 49/2002 on the protection of the monument fund, its implementing decree, amendments and related laws.

The specialized authority of the state administration for the protection of the monument fund is The Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic. The Monuments Board performs state administration with nationwide competence within the scope of Act No. 49/2002.

National cultural monuments and monument areas are registered in the Central List of Monuments Fund, which provides basic data for its protection throughout the Slovak Republic.

The central list of the monument fund in Slovakia contains:

National cultural monuments
Monument reservations (MR)
Monument zones (MZ)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

National Cultural Monuments (NKM)

A National Cultural Monument (NCP) is a movable thing or immovable thing of monumental value, which is declared a national cultural monument for protection reasons.

As of 1 January 2020, the following National Cultural Monuments were registered in Slovakia - entered in the register of the monument fund:
  • 10037 immovable national cultural monuments, which form 17103 monuments
  • 15206 movable national cultural monuments (the list is not published), which consists of 35488 monuments
The register of the monument fund also contains Selected National Cultural Monuments - the 72 most important and rarest monuments in the territory of the Slovak Republic, which were declared national cultural monuments before the adoption and promulgation of Act no. 49/2002, Which changed the system of registration of the monument fund.

The current legislation considers as national cultural monuments all immovable monuments and movable monuments, which are registered in the list of the monument fund.The original category of 72 national cultural monuments is, with regard to traditions and documentation, preserved only as an evidence in the register.

List of selected - most important and rarest national cultural monuments >>

Monument reservations (MR)

A monument reservation is an area with a comprehensive historical settlement and a large concentration of immovable cultural monuments or an area with groups of significant archaeological finds and archaeological sites that can be topographically defined. By 1.1.2020, 28 monument reservations had been declared in Slovakia.

List of monument reservations >>

Monument zones (MZ)

A monument zone is an area with a historical settlement, an area of a cultural landscape with monument values or an area with archaeological finds and archaeological sites that can be topographically defined.
As of 1.1.2020, 82 monument zones were declared in Slovakia.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites are maintained as a special register.
It contains the following sites:

Banská Štiavnica - historic town of Banská Štiavnica and the technical monuments in its vicinity
Bardejov - historic centre of the city of Bardejov
Spiš castle and Levoča and the Associated Cultural Monuments
Vlkolínec - monument reservation of folk architecture
Wooden churches of the Slovak Carpathians

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Source:, Law No. 49/2002