Popradske pleso - lake in High Tatras - Access / How to get there

Access to Popradské Pleso lake

The most popular starting point for the hiking to Popradské Pleso lake is Štrbské Pleso lake.

1/ Hiking directly from Štrbské pleso lake to Popradské pleso lake (about 1.5 hour)
2/ By Tatra Tramway from Štrbské Pleso lake to the Popradské pleso tram stop and hike from there to the Popradské pleso lake.

It is possible to continue from Popradské pleso lake to the Ostrva peak (1984 m. a.s.l.). The official hiking trail leads to Sedlo pod Ostrvou (Saddle under Ostrva), which is located near the top of the peak, so access to the top of the Ostrva Peak is on your own responsibility (top of the Ostrva Peak itself is outside the tourist trail).
Walking directions are in beta. Use caution – This route may be missing pavements or pedestrian paths.

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