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City / Municipality: Orechová Potôň
District: Dunajská Streda
Region: Region Trnava (Trnavský kraj)
Tourist location: Podunajsko
Lowland: Danubian Lowland (Podunajská nížina)
MALKIA PARK is located in municipality Orechová Potôň, in Slovakia. It was first time opened on 3rd June 2016. We are non-profit organization providing shelter for variety of animal species. Our primary aim is to create the most optimal living conditions for animals that we save from circuses and not appropriate domestic breeding conditions. We named the park after Malkia, the first lioness we saved. There are representatives many gens of felids (lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, lynxes, pumas, cheetahs). We are especially looking forward to a rare guest – female of snow leopard named Hima which is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. You can see gibbons, capuchin monkeys and lemurs, parrots, meerkat or ...
City / Municipality: Bojnice
District: Prievidza
Region: Region Trenčín (Trenčiansky kraj)
Tourist location: Nitra - Upper Nitra (Horná Nitra)
Mountains: Strážov Mountains (Strážovské vrchy)
National Zoo Bojnice is the oldest and most visited zoo in Slovakia. It is located in the recreational area of the spa town of Bojnice, it is the only state zoo in the Slovak Republic. It was opened to the public on April 1, 1955. Its area is 41 hectares, more than half of which is exposition part. National Zoo Bojnice presents a unique collection of animals from around the world - more than 430 species with more than 3500 specimens. It is the largest collection of all Slovak zoos. Approximately 280 species from this collection exhibits as the only zoo in Slovakia, e.g. African ...
City / Municipality: Bratislava
District: Bratislava IV
Region: Region Bratislava (Bratislavský kraj)
Tourist location: Bratislava and surroundings (Bratislava a okolie)
Mountains: Little Carpathians (Malé Karpaty)
ZOO Bratislava is situated on an area of 96 ha, of which 35 ha are accessible to the public. There are 1016 animals - 178 species (31.12.2017) in the ZOO.  ZOO is located in Mlynská dolina - which is part of district Karlova Ves in Bratislava. The ZOO includes endangered species, for example: Addax antelope, European bison, White rhinoceros, Turkmenian kulan, Pygmy hippopotamus, Golden- cheeked gibbon, Sri Lankan leopard, Cotton-headed tamarin, Gray mouse lemur, Pygmy loris, African hunting dog, Przewalski´s wild ...
City / Municipality: Košice
District: Košice I
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
Tourist location: Kosice and surroundings (Abov) / Košice a okolie (Abov)
ZOO Košice is located in the city of Košice, city part Kavečany in East Slovakia. It is located in a beautiful forest park. ZOO was founded in 1979, it has since been gradually built up and became one of the most popular tourist destinations in eastern Slovakia. In the new millennium, it is built as a zoo of a universal type breeds more than 1 270 animals - 249 species. It is located on an area of 288 ha, about one-third of area is used for animals and visitors. A large area allows to breed animals in conditions that resemble their natural habitat. The part of the ZOO is DINOPARK, ...
City / Municipality: Spišská Nová Ves
District: Spišská Nová Ves
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
Tourist location: Spiš
Mountains: Spiš-Gemer Karst (Spišsko-gemerský kras)
The ZOO is located in city of Spišská Nová Ves on an area of 8 ha. There are 530 animals in ZOO. Among the most attractive are the animals registered in the so-called The Red Book of Endangered Animals, including the Tiger Ussurian. Other interesting animals are Bactrian camel, Bornean orangutan, Mandrill, Lama alpaca, Shetland pony, Jaguar, Capybara, Cougar and others. From domestic fauna you can see a Brown bear, Mute swan, Pheasant and others. Zoo was founded in May 1989. City Park was renovated different animal ...
City / Municipality: Žarnovica
District: Žarnovica
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Pohronie - Lower Pohronie (Dolné Pohronie), Tekov
Imagine one place ... place where nature is beautiful as a fairy tale, where there is quiet, charming animals, bickering waterfall, lake full of fish, grassfield how made for picnic ... a place where you have a feeling that time is not going so fast, where you will forget about common problems and you will only apperceive the beauty around. The place where your children put away their mobiles and tablets. The place where some animals are allowed to caress, nestle close to them, where you will relax and your children will explore nature, play, have fun. Our aim is to meet you with the ...