Castle museums and mansions

City / Municipality: Fiľakovo
District: Lučenec
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Novohrad - Poiplie
Mountains: Cerová Highlands (Cerová vrchovina)
Franciscan Father K. König was the first who came with idea to establish the castle museum in 1941. He established the first Castle Commitee as well. The Commitee began to gather money to set up the institution and an entreaty was sent to the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest to make an archeological research of the area. The research started in 1944 under the conductorship of dr. János Kalmár. The world war stopped the process of establishing the museum and the research itself too. The first regional museum of ...
City / Municipality: Svätý Anton
District: Banská Štiavnica
Region: Region Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrický kraj)
Tourist location: Zvolensko - Podpoľanie
Mountains: Štiavnica Mountains (Štiavnické vrchy)
Owing to the unique integrity, authenticity and variability of collections, the entire complex of the manor house was declared national cultural monument in 1985. The manor house was originally built in baroque style as a two-wing building with arcades surrounding an open courtyard with a baroque stone fountain (detail can be seen in the picture of Apotheosis of Death of Mary Gabriella Kohary). Museum´s expositions present an overview of the contemporary aristocrasy housing, as well as on the evolution of hunting in Slovakia. In the middle of 18th century, Earl Andrej Kohary ...
City / Municipality: Stará Ľubovňa
District: Stará Ľubovňa
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Spiš, Zamagurie
Mountains: Ľubovnianska vrchovina
The castle is located on a hill above the town of Stara Ľubovňa in the Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj). The first written mention of the castle dates back to year 1311. The castle was built by the Hungarian King Ondrej III at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. It was built as a guard castle, which protected the trade routes to Poland. In 1312 the castle was occupied by army of Hungarian king Karol Róbert. In years 1323 - 1342 was Ľubovňa castle owned by the family Drugeth. In 1412 the King of Hungary and the ...
City / Municipality: Humenné
District: Humenné
Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
Tourist location: Zemplín - Upper Zemplín (Horný Zemplín)
The beginnings of Vihorlat Museum's history date back to the year 1960 and are connected with the decision that the renovated manor house in Humenne will also serve museum purposes.We obtained the statute of Local History Museum in 1964. Since 2002, the founder of the museum is Prešov self-governing region. At present, more than 100 000 pieces of collection objects are concentrated in the collections of the museum. Despite the authenticity of each of them belong to the most valuable finds of Celtic coins (in village Ptičie), mass finding of coins from  the 17th century (in village ...