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Guitar Museum

The museum's gallery is currently inaccessible to the public due to expanding its exposure.
Region: Region Košice (Košický kraj)
District: Sobrance
City / Municipality: Sobrance
Latitude:48° 44' 31.23672" / 48.7420102
Longitude:22° 10' 53.257439999964" / 22.18146039999999
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Guitar Museum Guitar Museum in Sobrance in Slovakia is a unique exhibition - one of the few of its kind in the world. The "Guitar king" Janči Ferko from Sobrance in Slovakia has done something exceptional. In small town Sobrance he built a Guitar Museum that maps the complete development and production of electrophonic guitars in former Czechoslovakia after the Second World War. Today, there are 1200 exhibits in the museum. There are 200 guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and period exhibits, accessed for vistors at present time in the gallery.

In continually expanding gallery of music instruments belongs to the most valuable exhibits electrophonic contrabasses, hawai guitars and guitars Grazioso, awarded by gold medal at the EXPO 58 in Brussel. Grazioso guitars were provably used by famous musicians of the world music scene The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton. Musem attracted interest of many well-known Slovak and Czech musicians and donated to Janči Ferko their own instruments (Peter Janda, Maťo Ďurinda, Peter Kaplan...).

Founder Janči Ferko received exclusive offer to establish a museum in Prague, Bratislava or Košice. His collection was also wanted by a Czech company producing guitars. "Janči", however, remained faithful to Sobrance. This small town can be proud by the invaluable uniqueness that attracts tourists and the media regularly.

Follower of the "Guitar King" - his son Imrich has long been co-operating on the project with father and continues the started activities, he himself is a former musician. After the completion of the entire project, the whole area will be a place of culture, a music center and a place of interesting concerts. A gallery of modern art will also be here.

>> History of museum and production of electrophonic guitars in former Czechoslovakia
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