Access / How to get there - Green lake in High Tatras

The most often starting point for access to the Green Lake in High Tatras is municipality and tourist centre - Tatranská Lomnica.

The Green Lake can be reached from Tatranská Lomnica by hiking tour to the Rocky Mountain Lake (Skalnaté pleso) - in about 2.5 hours, then further to Saddle under Svištovka (Sedlo pod Svišťovkou) to Green Lake - about 2.5 hours. The total time of the hiking tour is about 4 - 5 hours, if you want to shorten the time, you can also get from the Tatranska Lomnica to the Rocky Mountain Lake (Zelené pleso) by cable car (see image bellow).

You can return by the same route, or by direction Green Lake - Kovalčíkova poľana - Štart - Tatranská Lomnica (4 - 4,5 hours). From Štart you can return to Tatranska Lomnica by cable car.

The hiking tour to the Green lake can be started and finished at several points (e.g. Štrbske Pleso lake or Solisko peak) and can be made by several hiking trails, we recommend to inform in the local tourist information center and also to inform about the difficulty of individual routes.