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Danubian Lowland or Danube Lowland (Podunajská nížina) is situated on the South-Western part of Slovakia. It is located on the territories of the Nitra region, Trnava region and Bratislava region. It is located between the river Danube (in the South), the Small Carpathians (in the West) and all other parts of the Western Carpathians (North and East). In the southwestern part of the Danubian lowland is situated Rye Island (Žitný ostrov) - the largest river island in Europe.

Despite the fact that the territory is being used for agricultural production (it is the most fertile territory of Slovakia) there are valuable natural and protected areas e.g. Dunajské luhy Protected Landscape Area (in the southwestern part  of the Danubian lowland), Special Protected Area (SPA) Parížské močiare (in the southeastern part), SPA Žitavský luh (in the north part), SPA Dolné Pohronie (southeastern part).

From a geomorphological point of view Danubian lowland (Podunajská nížina) as a geomorphological area is part of subprovince Little Danubian Plain (Malá dunajská kotlina) : Alpine-Himalayan system -> Pannonian Basin -> West Pannonian Basin -> Little Danubian Plain (Malá dunajská kotlina). It is divided into geomorphological wholes Danubian Flat (Podunajská rovina) and Danubian Hills (Podunajská pahorkatina).

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