Crypt of soldiers from World War I. in Osadné - Video


In the years 2006 - 2009, a documentary film by film director Marek Škop called Osadné was shot in the village. It discusses the efforts of the mayor Ladislav Mikulášek and the orthodox clergyman Peter Sorok to suspend the decline of the population in the village and make it more attractive for tourists. They want to implement their plans with the help of European Union officials in Brussels. However, the film is also about the common joys and worries of the Ruthenian population in this region. An information board in the form of a standing bear was built in the village as a memorial for its shooting. The film has won several awards at international festivals, e.g. Award for Best Documentary Film - 44th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2009, Nominated for the Grierson Prize on 53rd Times BFI London Film Festival 2009 and more.

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