Region: Region Prešov (Prešovský kraj)
District: Levoča
Tourist location:Spiš
Mountains: Levoča Mountains (Levočské vrchy)
Monument reserve: Levoča
World Heritage:UNESCO Cultural Heritage
Latitude:49° 1' 32.900880000036" / 49.02580580000001
Longitude:20° 35' 19.190759999856" / 20.58866409999996
Unesco world heritage
Levoča is a town in North-Eastern Slovakia, Prešov region. Levoča is with its city walls and urban retained the character of a medieval town. Thanks to the many monuments and art treasures belong to the most beautiful historical cities in Slovakia. The town has a historic center with a well preserved town wall, a Renaissance church with the highest wooden altar in the world, carved by Master Paul of Levoča, and many other renaissance buildings. It is registered on the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage since 2009. ... Read more

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The Church in Hervartov is a wooden Roman Catholic (formerly Lutheran) Church from the end of the 15th century, located in the village Hervartov, district Bardejov, Prešov region (Prešovský kraj). Church is the oldest and best preserved wooden church in Slovakia. It was built in the Gothic ...
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