Čičmany - objects of folk architecture - Tourist attractions around up to 50 km

National Zoo Bojnice is the oldest and most visited zoo in Slovakia. It is located in the recreational area of the spa town of Bojnice, it is the ... Read more
Bojnice Castle is a medieval castle in Bojnice, Slovakia. It is a Romantic castle with some original Gothic and Renaissance elements built in the ... Read more
Lietava castle is unique not only from the Slovak point of view, but also throughout Central Europe. The "Association to Save Lietava Castle" was ... Read more
The Budatín Castle is a castle in north-western Slovakia, in Budatín - the part of city of Žilina. It is preserved and made available to the ... Read more
The Strečno Castle  is a reconstructed ruin of a medieval castle located in northern Slovakia, 12 km east from the city of Žilina. The castle ... Read more
The Trenčín Castle is a castle above the town of  Trenčín in western Slovakia. Trencin Castle is quite extensive refurbished castle, towering on a ... Read more
The manor-house in Radola is one of the oldest historical monuments in Kysuce, Slovakia. Historical research suggests that the oldest part of the ... Read more
The organ from village Špania Dolina belongs among the historical jewels, it is almost 300 years old. Organ was built in the Church of the Lord's ... Read more
Beckov Castle is one of the most beautiful and most impressive national cultural monuments of Slovakia. The castle is situated on 60 meters high ... Read more
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